Christmas in August?

Joy to the World…

I have a really bad habit of not finishing projects that I start.  I started working on this sign last Christmas and now it is August.  Well, I finally got around to finishing this one. This rustic “Joy to the World” sign is about 30×24 and is going to be a great addition to Christmas decorations this December.  It is done and ready for display.

I used white chalk paint for the background on the rustic piece of plywood.  I chose a font that I liked for the lettering, then printed and cut out them out.  I placed the letters, with double-stick tape, on the board and traced each one.  Then I simply painted in the letters with house paint.  I like to use house paint a lot for my projects because it is cheaper per ounce than acrylics.  I will often go to the hardware store and see if they have any “oops” paints, the colors that were mixed incorrectly or someone decided they didn’t want them.  Those are usually supper cheap.

This is a fun and simple project.  It’s a wonder why it took me 8 months to get it done.  Oh yeah, it’s because of that whole mothering thing.  My boy comes first.

I hope you enjoy this sign and can create one of your own.  If not, send me a message and I’ll make one for you.  I promise it won’t take me 8 months to get YOURS done.  😉

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